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Product Features

1. Pre-shaped toe caps (suitable for California shoes and all kinds of knot shoes).
2. The heel of sports shoes and casual shoes is shaped.
1. Applicable to any material of the head, the material of hot melt film is better.
2. The unique external mold pressure design makes the upper shape more tightly.
3. The design of the upper positioning plate makes the placement of the upper simple and correct, and increases the simplicity and accuracy of operation.
4. After the last shoe has been pre-shaped, the sewing of the mid-bottom is calibrated correctly, and the upper is not skewed.
5. The center line of the shoe is accurate after shaping, which makes it easier to insert the last or knot, which can increase the output and reduce the wear and tear.
6. The special last head mold fixing method makes the mold changing work easier and simpler, and the cooling effect is better.
7. The heating mold is equipped with steam equipment, which makes the upper heating process more elastic and shiny.
8. Using microcomputer control, the temperature is more accurate and the operation is more convenient.
9. The machine adopts the two-stage design of air and oil pressure, which makes the shaping action smoother and the shaping effect better.
10. It adopts a compact body structure design, which is small in size and does not occupy space, and the production process is well arranged; the operator has a small operating range and is not easy to fatigue.
11. The airbag is used for the outer mold of the rear heel, and the outer mold does not need to be replaced when changing the inner mold, which saves the production of plastic molds.
12. The whole set of fixtures are made of stainless steel, which is more durable .
13. The airbag hot-mold heating device makes the hot-melt film fit more closely with the inside and reduces the defect rate.
14. The freezer can be used immediately after replacing the last, without waiting for the last to cool down, improving work efficiency.
15. Break through the traditional way of setting, the toe cap and the last setting; greatly reduce the time required for setting and increase the output. for waiting time and increase productivity