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1. Suitable for any material, hot melt adhesive is better.
2. The airbag is used for the outer mold, and the outer mold does not need to be replaced when changing the inner mold, which saves the production of plastic molds.
3. With projection lamp positioning, the cold mold can be tilted towards the operator, which is more convenient for shaping operation; LED energy-saving projection lamps are used, which greatly prolongs the service life of projection lamps.
4. The whole set of clamps is made of stainless steel, which is more durable.
5. The use of energy-saving, high-efficiency and environmental protection dual-purpose imported compressors can reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine; using environmentally friendly refrigerants, the cooling effect can reach -20 °C.
6. The machine complies with CE certification requirements, making it safer and more convenient to use.
7. Adopt energy-saving air pressure design.
8. The rear of the machine is equipped with a mirror stainless steel plate, so that the operator can observe the state of the rear of the upper during the setting, which makes the operation more convenient and the setting more accurate.
9. The machine can be equipped with a last freezer, which can reduce the temperature of the last to -10 °C, and can be used immediately after replacing the last, without waiting for the last to cool down, improving work efficiency.
10. The four-cooling machine is equipped with 2 sets of independent refrigeration systems and 2 sets of compressors.
11. External heat-dissipating dust filter is convenient for cleaning.
12. The machine adopts a transparent window, which is helpful for visual management.
13. The airbag hot-mold heating device makes the hot-melt film fit more closely with the inside and reduces the defect rate.
14. Optional pre-cooling box.