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Grinding the soles, pressing the uppers, and pressing the heels, waists, uppers, toe caps and shoe openings to eliminate the phenomenon of hair angle.


The machine is divided into 5 parts
1. Grinding wheel: It can grind off the midsole upper that protrudes from the midsole after the knot, without using a knife.
2. Flywheel: It can be flattened to help the upper of the midsole, and make the upper tightly fit the constant last head, so that the upper is not loose and deformed.
3. Massage stick: three different shapes, the massage stick can make the upper, heel, toe, waist, shoe mouth and sewing thread to eliminate wrinkles and corners.
4. The massage stick is equipped with a heater to make the modification of the upper more effective.
5. The operation is easy and the effect is particularly good, which can improve the quality of shoes and reduce the occurrence of defective products.
6. Strong horsepower, easy maintenance, economical and practical.






(Air Pressure)



220V 1~:50/60Hz


2000-2800 Pair/8hrs

(Power consumption)