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The pre-shaped toe cap (suitable for California shoes and knotted shoes) is suitable for any pullover material, and the material of hot melt film is better.



1. The unique pressure design of the outer mold and the design of the upper shaping plate make the upper shaping more compact, and the placement is simple and accurate.

2. The temperature of the last can be controlled. After the last shoe is pre-shaped, the sewing of the mid-bottom is calibrated correctly, and the upper is not skewed.

3. The center line of the shoe is accurate after shaping, which makes it easier to insert the last or knot, which can increase the output and reduce the wear and tear.

4. The special outer mold last head mold quick release and fixing method makes the mold changing work easier and simpler, and the cooling effect is better.

5. The heating mold has steam equipment, which makes the upper heating process more elastic and shiny.

6. Using microcomputer control, the temperature is more accurate and the operation is more convenient.


Product Specification
Voltage Voltage: 220V 1ψ~:50/60Hz
Power consumption Power consumption: 4KW
Air Pressure Source Air Pressure: 4~6Kg/cm²
Output Capacity: 1400~2000pairs/8hrs
Net Weight NW: 450±10Kgs
Dimensions Dimension(mm): (L)810*(W)1030*(H)1650