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Application :

Backpart moulding and re-shaping of backpart & top line.



1. High output & efficiency can be obtained from two cold & hot mould sets.
2. The temperature of both the inner and outer part of the hot mould can be adjusted individually to be suitable for upper of different kind material and the heating request of lining upper.
3. After pre-moulding, the counter, upper and lining will be adhered & flatten to decrease the happen of reject.
4. Purposed slant design of machine is easy and convenient to be operated.
5. The loose & tight adjustment of upper by clipper can be setted to openly or not for different kind of shoes.
6. Custom-made last mould offers the highest accuracy.
7. The reject can be re-shaped to get perfect top line and non wrinkle happened by the special inverse moulds.
8. High power cooling system for environment protect purpose it can get the best effect of moulding. (vaporizer temperature -20°C down after running 10 minutes)





1130 x 900 x 1600

Air pressure

5-6 kg/cm²


220V, 1ø:50 / 60HZ


1400-2000 Pairs/8hrs

Power Consumption


N.W / G.W

280kg / 380kg