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Excellent performance in dehumidification. The humidity can be reached 30~60% of the maximum.
2. Build- in temperature switch could adjust the temperature of indoor. The temperature can be reached 20~30°C of the maximum.(Design as customer’s request.)
3. Capacity & type could be designed to meets customer's requirements.
4. The design of installation that this machine adopts the host machine and indoor machine separating will not influence the use in the indoor space.


For acquiring good effect, the radiator of the machine is designed installed outdoor, water-cooled radiator is specially for long distance.


Application :

To keep room from mildewing.
2.Suitabl for Bio-Tech, Food industry, Shoe making industry, Food industry, Pharmacy industry, Medical industry, Medical. Laboratory, Food Packing Room, Pharmaceutical Packing Room, Warehouse, Basement, humility working place , etc.



Dimension (cm)

L155 X H162 X W80


3 ø220V / 380V 50/60HZ

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Humidity control


Maximum temperature inaccuracy


Maximum humidity inaccuracy


Option Accessory

1.High efficiency filter
2.Germicidal lamps