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Tech filter container


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Tech filter container

Tech filter container

Sewage filtration


Water purification

Sludge Thickening

Diry oil filter

Sewage gas filter


Tech filter container is the vanguard of environmental protection




Wind and electrical pumping equipment

Hydro & Desalination

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The main objective of the invention can be to provide a filtering apparatus that is can be

Easily placed at different locations.

A filtering apparatus has a tankmultiple filters and two brackets.The tank has a hollow main Body. The filters are respectively connected with the tank beside the overflow. Each filter are extension spring and two joints. The joins of each filter are respectively mounted around two opposite ends of the extension spring. The brackets clamp the filters. Beacause bulky effluent or sediment in sewage is blocked by the extension springs, the sewage is filtered by the filters.





2013  Pittsburgh Exhibition gold medal awards



2014  Invention Exhibition gold medal awards



2015 Invention Exhibition Platinum medal awards