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Two-stage wind turbine


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Two-stage wind turbine

Two-stage wind turbine

Efficent light Light starts HIGH toygue High power output

Beauty type design  Integration in the urban landscape

DIY-type lifting device  Ease to assemble  Adjustable height


Wind is an endless supply of green energy




Wind and electrical pumping equipment

Hydro & Desalination

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The main objective of the invention is to provide a wind-power to generate a wat jet.

A wind-powered anf hydraulic power generator has apower generating device,a drive device,

Multiple pumping devices,a reservoir and a hydraulic device. When the wind blows,

the power generating device generates and stores electricity and the drive device the pumping

devices to pump water into the reservoir.









2013  Pittsburgh Exhibition gold medal awards



2014  Invention Exhibition gold medal awards



2015 Invention Exhibition Platinum medal awards